What is Artlabs?

It's the easiest way (ever) to find cover artwork.
Just browse our gallery, find a piece you love, purchase it and then you can use it on Social Media, like Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook...

 Artlabs is like a gallery with unique, hand-curated pieces. Yes, every artwork is hand-curated and comes with a full license.


Three reasons how it can improve your workflow 

It's often hard to find a designer for the perfect cover artwork. The famous ones with a ton of followers don't even answer, you keep trying and trying and finally find one who answers, but he's busy. Artlabs is here to help, it takes less than three minutes.


Ever tried getting a quote from a designer? It can be tricky. Sometimes it's an endless loop of "No you tell me your budget," but often this leads to the conclusion that you can't afford his rates. Anyways, don't worry. Artlabs is transparent.


 It might be no one's fault, but sometimes Designers are too busy, have not enough passion for your project or didn't check their messages. Are you tired of waiting for the project to be finished and feel like his nagging mother?

Go to the main page and give Artlabs a try. It will bring your workflow to the next level.