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In order to keep the highest quality we only allow a few curated artists to sell their art on our page. If you are seeing this page, it means you are one of them and we are extremely proud to have you join this project.

mission briefing

Our mission is to allow artists to sell their dailies without any effort, so they can get a side income without having to waste their time for boring attempts to sell it somewhere online.

We and our partners will find clients for you and will work hard daily to generate more traffic to the page. Once you submit your artworks, they will be posted on the site and will be open for sale. So more traffic means that they will be sold faster.

So summed up: We do the shit work you don't want to do, so you can focus on making more amazing art.

We are not like Shutterstock or other stock sellers. Our site works like an art gallery. Once someone buys the artwork, it will be removed forever.

How does it work?

Right now the page is very young. We are still in beta-phase. So congrats that you are one of the few to be allowed to join us here. Everything is hand curated and managed by our team.

Down below you will find our curator-email. It very easy:

1. Make sure your dailies meet the requirements (click the link and bookmark it.)

2. Check out our agreement & sign it.

3. Upload them (myairbridge.com, wetransfer.com, Google Drive...)

4. Send them here.

5. We will send you an answer within 7 days


How will I get paid?

We started this website, because we had the same issue like many designers out there. We created a ton of art every week, put it online and then waited for new followers or eventually a message of someone who wants to buy them. But then it was complicated. "Where can I pay.. Can you do this?.. Will you scam me? the list goes on"

So you will get paid like this:

1. Fill out the artistsheet with your billinginformation

2. Our store counts the amount of artworks you sell each month

3. At each end of the month, we will send the money you made to your PayPal.


Since every artwork is only sold once and the prices are fixed, you can double check if everything is alright. We want this project to be very transparent. We are artists ourselves and know the struggle. So we know how much trust matters.


Prices, Fees, Etc

In order to keep the page running and the team alive, we take a fee from every sale. Right now it's a little higher than we want, but we just launched this page this year and need to get enough traffic, so that we can pay everything and don't go minus.

So for 2017 the prices are: We will sell your artwork for 75€. We will take 1/3 so we can pay our team, partners, website, marketing, so we can sell your art.

That means: You will earn 50€ from every sale.