Lowly Video Tiers

Tier 1: Animated Artwork 

We create a very basic animated artwork for your song.
Examples are: Animated clouds, Light flickering to song, animated particles.
The artwork is not customized, Lowly will choose the creative direction. 
This Tier does not allow for any revisions. 
Fee: 150$
Delivery: 2-3 Days
Revisions: 0

Tier 2: Visualizer (Standard)

This is our standard Tier. Our focus is to find an attractive visual which works well as a thumbnail, but also supports the song. We will create a rendering and then custom animate it to your song. 
Fee: 250$
Delivery: 3-5 Days
Revisions: 1

Tier 3: Custom Animation (Premium)

In this Tier we create a premium visual for your song. We create a custom scene and abstract storyline to keep the viewer watching until the end. This video will have multiple scenes, custom animated elements and progress over time.
Fee: 500$
Delivery: 7 Days
Revisions: 3

Tier 4: Standard Lyric Video 

We create a custom hand animated lyric video. Hand animated means that each word is manually animated, so it really fits your song. The background in this standard version are abstract animations that fit the song and artwork.
Fee: 750$
Delivery: 7 Days
Revisions: 3

Tier 5: Premium Lyric Video 

We create a premium custom lyric video for your release. We develop a storyline with you, the lyric video can be based on the artwork and we develop multiple 3d rendering scenes to explore.
Fee: 2k $
Delivery: 14 Days
Revisions: 3