Pink Void


Artwork Title: “The Pink Void”




Creative Direction - Timo Helgert

Management - Eunae Kim

Production - SAN Communications

Client - The Hyundai

3D Modelling - Sartaj Prince

Construction - TBD

Planning - TBD

LED Installation - TBD

Music & SFX - TBD


Size: TBD


My art installation, titled “The Pink Void” is a large pink infinite mirror box filled with LED tubes that flicker and emit sound. The use of LED tubes in this piece was intentional, as they represent the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things. The pulsing, flickering light is meant to symbolize the constant flow of energy and information that surrounds us. The infinite mirrors serve to amplify and reflect this concept, creating a sense of infinite possibility and connection. The outside of the box is painted pink to represent love and compassion, and to encourage viewers to approach the piece with an open and accepting mindset. Through the combination of light, sound, and reflection, “The Pink Void” invites viewers to consider the ways in which we are all connected, and the importance of embracing and celebrating our differences. It is a call to recognize the beauty and power of unity and to strive for a world that is filled with love and understanding.



Type: Infinity Mirror, Installation, AI, Portal


Size: TBD


Materials: TBD



About the Artist:




Timo Helgert is a German artist, whose work has garnered international acclaim for its thought-provoking and emotionally resonant qualities. Drawing on a diverse range of mediums, including 3D design, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, Timo creates immersive installations that challenge and inspire viewers to think deeply about the world around them. In addition to his solo exhibitions and projects, he has collaborated with a variety of notable brands and organizations, including Burberry, Meta, Valentino and Vogue.


Art Statement:


As an artist, my goal is to create meaningful and impactful experiences that engage viewers on a deeper level. I believe that art has the power to inspire and motivate us to become our best selves, and to make a positive difference in the world. My work often explores themes of hope, peace, and self-discovery, and I strive to create a sense of escapism and wonder through the use of cutting-edge digital techniques. At the same time, I am deeply committed to using my art as a means of addressing important social and environmental issues. I believe that we have a chance to care for our planet and to create a more sustainable and equitable future, and I hope that my work can contribute to this effort in some small way. Ultimately, I aim to create art that encourages viewers to think, reflect, and feel, and that leaves them with a sense of positivity and possibility. I hope that my work can help to bring a little more light into the world, and to inspire people to become their best selves.